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If you want to upgrade your knowledge of fashion style, the amount of knowledge that you access on Tiktok – on social networks – on press channels is not enough for you and not all of them are good enough for you. according to your own interests as well as the issue that interests you.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing deeper and better than finding out what you like.

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Find out who is your favorite “Fashion Soul”?

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This is easy, isn’t it? Usually, nowadays – the fashion that everyone likes is quite diverse and not too favorable for one person. However, make a list on paper – of the people you like their fashion gout. Nigo, Jerry Lorenzo, Luka Sabbat, Tyler Creator. If you like street fashion. Collecting photos of the people you love – the more the merrier – isn’t that hard? Social networks, Instagram, Pinterest – the people you love, collect their pictures. At first, don’t be afraid to be told you’re imitating people like this – I don’t see anything to be ashamed of.

Analyze based on the photos you have just collected and see what suits you?

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We’ve seen enough – now let’s look further. Each photo you collect – is the material for us to analyze. The names I give you guys above, everyone has different shapes, some are tall, some are short, some are fat, some are thin. Not body shaming, but through them – you will find a certain image. in it and find an appropriate dressing plan. However, you must understand what your “soul” is after. Retro? Modern? Urban? Streetwear? Normcore or Trend – Forwarding. If you don’t know, Google is always a good answer to this question. Just type – “What kind of style is Idol’s following name?” – “What kind of fashion are you Idol pursuing?” – so we will have a keyword to learn more about the fashion that we feel like and want to pursue. See, your own fashion picture is slowly unraveling.


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Then – it’s time for us to experiment. Don’t be afraid to wear out on the street everything that’s on your mind and schedule it. Which set do you feel most comfortable with and which do you yourself feel most fashionable in? Don’t forget to take pictures. Take a photo every day – upload a whole folder for it. In a month of looking back, you look at the whole album and you’ll see which outfit or style you lean towards – it’s the outfit that represents your style (still leaning towards copying Idols) but it’s the foundation for you. Personal development and inspiration for future spin-off outfits.

Your own Key Item:

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You love a particular product – that only you like or you own. Yeah – make it a “Signature symbol” – “Your logo”. For each outfit, you apply 1-2 of those iconic products to turn it into your icon – a personal identity. Until a moment, look at that item – first your friends and then the whole community you play, know it’s you.


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fter a long time of getting inspired – you understand what your body needs to hide flaws, and you feel most comfortable and confident. That’s right – let’s go back to find out what this product is, what brand – what style it is, and which idols use it. Where’s your album? What style do you apply to that item and how do you use it – make it your style. Don’t think it’s repetitive – no, this is us building on one of our strengths to develop into a stronger fashion foundation.


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Wow – try a day rummaging through your closet full of pants and tops. There will be things that we have forgotten but “Refresh” you in a pretty cool way. Rest assured – after a while of doing the above steps, you have enough thinking ability to know if the product is suitable or not. If not? Sell ​​it or give it to charity. If? Why not try.

Believe in you:

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That’s right – the steps above won’t work if you’re not confident in yourself. More than anyone else, you know your body best. Wear what you want, you like, and make yourself who you are. DIY – Do it by yourself. Maybe I recommend A B C but maybe it’s not right for you. People say – you are selective, don’t let people tarnish your own image. Maybe you already have a fancy outfit in mind, but you’re afraid your friends will laugh at you. fuck it – try, try and try – tweak it again. No one dresses well from the very beginning.
And – in arguments, don’t let your ego run high. Every contribution has its value, you guys (especially Gen Z) choose those contributions to make you a person with fewer errors. Trust me – you won’t have to ask anyone anymore.

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