Who’s Harley Quinn

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The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Textless Poster
The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Textless Poster

“Recently, I made a promise to myself that the next time I got a boyfriend, I’d be on the lookout for red flags. And if I saw any, I would do the healthy thing and I would murder him. And killing kids? Kind of a red flag. When your taste in men is as bad as mine, they don’t just go away quietly. They slash your tires and they kill your dogs and tell you that the music you like ain’t real music at all. And all the cruelty… tears you apart after a while.”

―Harley Quinn to Silvio Luna

Harley Quinn’s Story

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Harleen Frances Quinzel is a former psychiatrist, previously employed at Arkham Asylum, a former criminal, a mercenary, and the ex-girlfriend of the Joker, operating under the alias Harley Quinn.

After being manipulated by the Joker into assisting his escape from Arkham, Harleen was submerged in a batch of chemicals at Ace Chemicals, re-emerging as the Joker’s right-hand woman. Over the years, Harley has become a nemesis of the Batman, growing to become known as the queen of Gotham City alongside the Joker, notably committing countless crimes, and while her allegiance with the Joker meant she was never in any real danger from other criminals, her long history of violence would later catch up with her.

Quinn was later imprisoned in Belle Reve after her arrest by Batman and recruited into Task Force X, a covert operations team led by Amanda Waller, where she was forced to work with other dangerous criminals to complete missions for the government in exchange for the time of her sentence. On her first assignment, she and the team brought down Enchantress in Midway City, earning her ten years off of her multiple life sentences, but was later rescued by the Joker during a prison break.

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The Joker eventually broke up with her, though she tried to claim that the decision was mutual. Following the breakup, she kept quiet for a while before announcing it publicly by ramming a truck into Ace Chemicals, setting off a massive explosion. She had declared her emancipation, but by doing so had essentially set off an open season on her for the many people who held a grudge against her. She at first sought the protection of Black Mask after he tried to kill her, but eventually found her independence by saving the life of Cass Cain and teaming up with the group that would become the Birds of Prey. She then founded her own mercenary group with Cass, Harley Quinn, and Associates.

Shortly after, Harley was recaptured and sent back to Belle Reve. She rejoined Task Force X for their mission to Corto Maltese, with the intent to destroy any traces of the dangerous and mysterious Project Starfish. When she arrived on the island, Harley saw how her companions were killed by the Corto Maltese Armed Forces, but she survived because she was captured by the soldiers and brought before Silvio Luna, with whom she later began a relationship. But, upon hearing Luna’s evil plans, Harley killed him causing her to be locked up in the dungeon. Later, Harley managed to escape and joined a new Task Force X team to infiltrate Jotunheim. After the explosion, Harley and the surviving members, confronted Starro saving Corto Maltese and obtaining her freedom.

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