Valentine’s Day recipe ideas: Top chefs reveal what they are cooking for their partners

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Millions of people will soon be hitting shopping centres and high streets across Britain in a bid to find the perfect Valentine‘s gift for their other half.

But some may be hoping to impress their loved one through their stomach on February 14 – by either going out for a meal or cooking up a feast.

Below, three acclaimed chefs offer their expert views on what starters, main courses and desserts to make.

Cooking for two

“I make a mean roast dinner,” boasts Anjula Devi, consultant Indian chef to Manchester United Football Club.

“I’d usually be prepping team meals or delivering dinners to the hospitality areas at Old Trafford, but for the first time I’ll be cooking for two rather than thousands in the Theatre of Dreams.”

Mr Wilson, who normally travels several nights a week for his job. When ground into the right masala, mango and tomato chutney and laccha paratha. India’s answer to puff pastry made with chapati and regular flour layered with butter and folded,” she says.

Although Ben Tish of London’s Norma will be busy all week preparing Italian-themed meal kits for lovers to pick up for Valentine’s Day, he has chosen someone else’s meal kit for his own celebration dinner. “My wife and I are fans of the Quality Chop House, so I’m getting their big rib-eye steak on the bone, which comes with a nice bottle of Barolo,” he says.

“There will also be crispy potatoes with a sauce on top and brownies,” says Mr Tish, who is looking forward to the British beef as a break from the curries he has been making almost nightly since lockdown at the request of his wife Nykeeta: “I’m looking forward to one night not slaving over the stove.”

Local seafood on the beach

Who has just been awarded a Michelin star for Muse.

He restaurant he was forced to close. Just two months after opening last year. The luckiest or unluckiest chef this Valentine’s Day remains to be seen.

He will certainly be in one of the world’s most romantic locations, cooking at a top-end resort in the Maldives – and his wife Justine will be with him.

“But I don’t know if I’ll be free yet on the night,” he explains.

I haven’t yet been told on which of the few days I’ll be in the kitchen.”

Mr Aikens hopes to find himself barbecuing local seafood on the beach: “Hopefully one of the lovely local lobsters, with a salad – the hotel grows its own vegetables and herbs.

I think the trick is to keep it simple on Valentine’s Day and spend more time with your loved one than in the kitchen.”

If he ends up being on duty and Justine spends Valentine’s Day alone again, so be it, he says, shrugging. “You don’t need to wait for one special day of the year to tell the person you love that you care about them.”

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