Things You Need to Know About Sweaters

Things You Need to Know About Sweaters
Sweater is an item that is loved and used by many young people. Originating for a long time, so now the costume has been improved and has more beautiful designs. So to know more about sweaters , invite you to metaunisex Embroidery to find out what a sweater is ? How to coordinate with clothes is reasonable?

I. Definition & origin of sweater

1. What is a sweater?

A sweater is a pullover shirt with long sleeves and a belt at the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. Sweaters don’t have a hood like a hoodie. The shirt is mainly made of woolen fabric . The sweater has no pockets like a hoodie and can be used by both men and women. Sweaters are often worn in winter to help keep the body warm. So why is the shirt called a sweater, so what is a sweater?

2. What is a Sweater?

Sweater translated in English means sweater, is a type of shirt worn with a pullover design, made from woolen fabric. Fabric is woven by knitting or crocheting method to form. The shirt can be sewn with thick or thin wools, depending on the need and the pattern being designed.

Sweaters are usually worn under jackets, and over t-shirts. So, the original sweater was a pullover made of wool. But today, shirts are created with many types of fabrics, giving the wearer many choices, as well as being able to combine with many different types of clothes.

3. The origin of the sweater

  • 1925 – 1930 : This was the first period that the shirt was formed and developed. Costumes are inspired by sportswear. Around this time, pullovers were used to help athletes keep warm.
  • 1960s : This is considered the time when jerseys became more widely used. Clothing has a good sweat absorption function, so many people love it. At universities, sweaters seem to become a main type of school wear for students. The shirt was sewn at a relatively cheap price, so in the 1970s, people used this costume instead of other common clothes. With increasingly diverse designs and designs, sweaters are popular with many young people.
  • 1980s : Hip hop culture began to take shape, as sports such as surfing, skateboarding also began to encroach on people’s lives, the more popular costumes were used. The sweater quickly became the outfit of hip hop enthusiasts, and also the main outfit of surfers and skaters.
  • 1990s : As apparel began to become more profitable, many designers launched a series of new models. Shirts are also multi-applications such as keeping warm for the body and creating many styles for users, so more and more shirts are produced every day. And this is also the period when skateboarding develops strongly, sweaters help skaters avoid scratches when collisions, or falls. So athletes seem to love this type of clothing.

In recent years, we can see the presence of costumes everywhere. Anyone can use it, and especially sweaters always bring personality to the wearer, always creating a polite but equally stylish appearance. Not only that, costumes are also an elegant fashion trend, used to sew uniforms for many generations.

II. Popular types of sweaters today

1. Classic sweater

This is a pullover with the most excellent shape and plan. Regularly a faint shirt, and can be easily gotten together with a wide scope of outfits. The fundamental sweater helps the wearer with being all the more certain, when it can cover the flaws on the body. In addition to that, the group can be used wherever, at whatever point. You can use the shirt to go out, go to class, travel, even go to work. Regardless, plain and dull models much of the time give a friendly, lovely and exceptionally relaxed appearance.

2. Light colored sweater

Light shaded sweaters are normally appropriate for those with light complexion, and a decent body. These days there are various varieties utilized for outfits. The remarkable varieties, for example, red, cobalt blue, yellow … are the varieties that youngsters love without a doubt. Not just with two tones highly contrasting, on the off chance that you know how to organize between various outfits, the sweater will stick out, assisting the wearer with continuously showing their character.

3. Patterned sweater

Finished sweater is the best option of you picking streetstyle style. Designs from easy to complex are planned on the shirt. Notwithstanding the standard examples, the outfits additionally have numerous remarkable and eye-getting spray painting pictures. The blend of current and essential makes the sweater more unmistakable, and makes an assortment of individuals’ requirements.

4. Colored sweater

This is the sort of shirt that numerous fashionistas love and use. The mix of varieties assists with making an enhancement for the shirt. Whenever you move, the shirt won’t be fixed to a specific tone. The varieties will mix together, making another inclination and assisting the wearer with hanging out in any circumstance.

5. Beige Sweater

This is a sort of shirt sewn with thick materials, marginally adapted in plan and has an extensive and agreeable shape. While wearing a Beige sweater, the wearer will feel adapted contrasted with their own intrinsic style. Ensembles can likewise be blended in with numerous different plans to make an exceptional and new outfit .

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