The strongest characters in the Marvel cinematic universe (P1)

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Although Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch had a pretty formidable performance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it was real for the other characters. …still very poor. So, if you don’t count Infinity Ultron in What If? which characters will be the strongest in the Marvel cinematic universe?

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Living Tribunal cùng Abstract Entities

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Abstract Entities consist of conceptual entities with no specific physical form, which plays a huge role in the survival of the Multiverse. In the comics, they include prominent individuals such as the Living Tribunal, below are Eternity, Infinity, Lady Death, Mistress Love, Oblivion, Master Order and Lord Chaos… and many high-level entities. other.

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The Living Tribunal made a brief appearance when Strange and America Chavez traveled through the Multiverse, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He is the cosmic entity serving the “Supreme One” The One Above All, specializing in solving problems that can cause an imbalance in the universe. Of course, he is also at the top of the Abstract Entities and very strong.

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If the Infinity Gauntlet and the early stones were its most powerful version, when it had the power to affect the Multiverse and surpass the power of Eternity and his siblings, then it… nothing compared to the Living Tribunal. Simply that.

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Other characters have only appeared on official MCU publications or through statues and drawings in the film, but have not had the opportunity to appear officially. The Watchers, in particular, were featured in a small scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, then Uatu/The Watcher reappeared and played a pretty big role in the What If? series.

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In the film, Arishem is the leader of the Celestials, the god who created the first sun, brought light to the universe, and seeded life on the planets. Not only did he plant Celestial seeds on many planets to help life in the universe continue to expand, but he also directly created Deviants – bizarre life forms with the ability to evolve, specializing in eliminating predators. bait has the ability to prevent the development of intelligent life forms.

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However, evolution has made the Deviants truly ferocious predators. To eliminate them, Arishem built the World Forge, then designed the Eternals – synthetic life forms incapable of evolution.

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The Eternals travel to worlds planted with the seeds of Celestials on a mission to destroy the Deviants, ensuring the new Celestial is born. When they’re done, they return and Arishem will take the memories they’ve obtained for research purposes. Besides, he is also the “judge” who decides which planets, civilizations, and life forms deserve to exist.

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In the movie, the current Arishem can be considered as the strongest Celestial and can also be said to be one of the strongest entities in the MCU. In the story, Arishem is only the number 2 leader, and his strength is inferior to a few other fellows such as “Secretary-General” Scathan, Supreme Leader One Above All (not The One Above All), Tiamat, and possibly as well as “Executioner” Exeter.

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However, he was still too strong and even an Elder God like Gaea had to kneel before him. In other words, if the Elder Gods were the foremost gods of the Earth gods, then Arishem and the other Celestials could be considered gods of these same gods. Compared to Arishem, all of Earth’s Skyfathers are just flies. He could easily destroy the entire universe in an instant.

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Although not officially appeared, but Chthon has made the audience curious as the one who wrote the Darkhold and prepared the throne on the top of Mount Wundagore for Scarlet Witch, or Wanda Maximoff. He looks like that, but he is not a servant of Wanda, because he is fearsome, powerful, and far beyond the level of the Red Witch.

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In the story, Chthon was originally one of the Elder Gods, the first beings born on Earth when the Embodiment of Life – Demiurge planted the seed of life on the planet. For 1 million years, Chthon ruled the world with his siblings and devoted his time to the study of magic. In the end, he became the evil god with the title “God of Chaos”, as well as the first recorded dark magician in history.

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When Set discovered that Elder God could gain strength by “swallowing” his siblings, he and Chthon caused countless Elder Gods to fall and become demons, causing a civil war. To end it all, Gaea went to “beg Demiurge for a child” and so the Sun God Atum was born, forcing Set and Chthon to flee from Earth. But before that, he had already written the legendary book: Darkhold.

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According to reviews, Chthon is one of the strongest Elder Gods ever born. With Chaos Magic, Chthon easily created an infinite number of the most dire realities that seemed to have no limits; capable of destroying the entire human race; rewrite history; banishing Asgard and the gods to another dimension is as easy as turning a hand. Just by chanting within the Darkhold, a mortal wizard could cause catastrophes enough to destroy the Earth.

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