The DC universe also has a God of thunder, how “terrible” is that, see the trailer for “Black Adam”

DC Films has just released the first official trailer of “Black Adam” – one of the strongest characters of the DC universe played by action movie superstar Dwayne Johnson, promising to bring many surprises to the audience.

Who is Black Adam and what are his powers?

Black Adam first appeared in the Marvel Family #1 comic book series (1945) published by Fawcett Comics. After DC bought a series of character rights of this comic book company, Black Adam immediately became an arch-enemy with Shazam, although the two appeared together not much before.

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Once a slave in the Kahndag region of ancient Egypt, Black Adam was given strength by the sorcerer Shazam, but was eventually corrupted and chose the path of revenge despite the tricks of those who made him miserable.

Black Adam’s power comes from 6 ancient Egyptian gods: Shu (God of the Wind) with invincible strength, Heru (God of the sky, war, and hunting) endowed with superhuman speed, Amon ( Protector of the Pharaohs) bestows physical strength, Zehuti (God of wisdom) grants unparalleled wisdom, Aton (part of Ra – the Sun god) grants the power of thunder and Mehen (God of the Sun) Snake) bestows the power of courage.

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Previously, Warner Bros. had intended to let Black Adam appear in the blockbuster Shazam! (2019). But after deliberating, the company decided to develop these two characters separately so that they can explore in more depth and detail before officially facing each other in the future.

The future is full of promise

Black Adam will be played by “box office king” Dwayne Johnson. “The Rock” was once a professional wrestler, he started his acting career and is widely known to the public through The Scorpion King (2002) and his role as Luke Hobbs in the Fast & Furious franchise. Since then, the actor has become a familiar face in a series of hit-action movies.

Dwayne Johnson revealed that the main reason he was attracted to Black Adam was the dark and bad nature of the character. The actor also talked about how a character with powers like Black Adam appearing in the DC Extended Universe would change the hierarchy of power among superheroes.

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The film also has the participation of famous stars such as Noah Centineo (as the superhero Atom Smashe), “former 007 agent” Pierce Brosnan,… In addition, the newly released trailer also reveals the sound effects ” ears” as well as visual effects and action scenes, promising to bring an impressive cinematic experience.

Theory from the trailer

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The trailer opens with Black Adam waking up from a long sleep and confronting the superhero group Justice Society of America. The main antagonist in this movie is expected to be Sabbac – an entity that inherits the power of evil, and hell, and has hatred and desire to destroy humanity.

Like many other DC anti-heroes, who possess endless power and also have a tragic past like Black Adam, he still has to choose between a personal feud and a heavy responsibility for all of humanity. , especially when he appeared in the 21st century, where his era has passed for thousands of years.

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This is one of the darkest, most gritty characters in the DC universe. Therefore, the expected point in this character on the big screen is not only the eye-catching action scenes or a few humorous lines, but also the process of psychological torment when he stands in front of the thin line between himself. hero and villain.

Black Adam is scheduled to open on October 21, 2022.

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