Thanksgiving Traditions and What You Should Know


A feast fit for a family

We often wonder why dinner is served earlier on this day than the rest of the year, but convenience seems to be the main factor. An earlier mealtime will allow guests to come from a longer distance, give your stomach more time to digest a large meal, and allow the group to be more active for exercise.


The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been held in New York City every year since 1924. It shares the distinction of being the second-oldest Thanksgiving parade with Detroit’s America’s Thanksgivings Parade. The three-hour parade, which takes place in Manhattan, has been broadcast quality on television by NBC since 1952. School bands, floats carrying enormous balloon figures of well-known children’s characters, renowned musicians, actors, and socialites march alongside the procession. Broadway actors participate as well by singing a well-known song from their currently playing show.


Some households have an annual custom of breaking the wishbone of the turkey. This happens after the meal is over and the turkey meat has been completely removed from the bone. Two people grab either side of the bone when it turns brittle, make a wish, and pull. Those who cut off the lengthier side get what they want!

Thanksgiving 1


1 . Four towns named ‘Turkey
In the United States, four different towns in Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana have been named Turkey.

2 . A lot of calories have been consumed
Basically ,The average number of calories consumed during Thanksgiving festivities amounts to 4,500.

3 . You can celebrate Thanksgivings 17th-century style

If you want to experience Thanksgiving like it was in the 1600s, part of Plymouth, Mass still more or less the same as it was then, you’ll be able to buy tickets to Thanksgiving months in advance.

4 . The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the early 1920s didn’t have any giant floats or balloons.

5 . Turkeys
Americans prepare an estimated 46 million turkeys for Thanksgivings feasts every year.

Thanksgivings is the ideal occasion to gather the family and spend time together. These Thanksgivings sayings, puns, and quips are a quick and effective way to spread gratitude when family and friends gather around the turkey for the holidays.

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