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The Roots of the Ukraine War: How the Crisis Developed – www.nytimes.com


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the biggest military mobilization in Europe since World War II. Here’s a guide to how it came about, and what’s at stake for Russia, the U.S. and NATO. It felt like a scene from the Cold War, a perilous episode from a bygone era. An unpredictable Russian leader was amassing […]

Obstacles and Opportunities


A close and constructive US-Russia relationship is difficult to imagine in the near future, but a careful look reveals a more nuanced landscape of obstacles and opportunity. One of the biggest challenges is mutual suspicion. Some 68 percent of Russians view the US as their country’s main enemy, according to the Levada Center, and in […]

As Ukraine struggles to count war casualties, families bury the dead one by one – washingtonpost


KYIV, Ukraine — Even as the boom of outgoing artillery shells sounded every minute, Oksana Shlonska was determined to bury her husband. He was killed by gunfire last Sunday, but the war had prevented his final rites. First, the autopsy took days due to the numerous corpses arriving at the morgue. Then, on Thursday, a […]