Meaning of 12 Christmas symbols

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Surely Christmas would have no meaning without these featured images. Each icon and each gift has a story and a very special meaning. Traveling in the Christmas season is also not a bad choice if you want to change the atmosphere and love to discover new experiences.

1.Buche de Noel

There is a custom on the eve of Christmas in the West to cut down a large log and place it on the fireplace to celebrate. Legend has it that charcoal powder from this burned log will protect the house from the intrusion of evil spirits. Today, this custom is lost because not many houses have chimneys. Instead, on the initiative of a baker in France in 1875, people make a cake shaped like a firewood tree (buche means “firewood log” in French) and enjoy it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve. This custom has been passed down to this day.

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2. Rudolph reindeer

“Snow Santa whistled and shouted and called their names: Come on Dasher! Come on Dancer! Come on Prancer and Vixen! Go Comet, Go Cupid! Go Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph!.”Rudolph” is the 9th reindeer added since 1939 (Originally there were only 8 reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh), it has tasked with illuminating the road thanks to its bright red nose. Those who often watch cartoons will see a very active reindeer that is Rudolph.

3. Christmas tree

According to legend, in order to save a child sacrificed to live beside a great oak tree, Saint Boniface (Saint Boniface) cut down that sturdy tree with a single punch. At the place where the oak tree fell, a small fir tree grew. That tree, he said, symbolizes the eternity of the Savior. In addition to this meaning, the pine tree is used in Christmas and New Year celebrations around the world because it is always considered a symbol of hope and new vitality. Despite living in a harsh climate, it still retains its strong, solid appearance and eternal blue color.

4. Christmas star

The star becomes a meaningful symbol during the Christmas season and is always hung in the most solemn place in the synagogues, on the Christmas trees… The image of the star is the symbol of God about the promise made in the past. God promised to send a savior to the world, and the star is the pledge of His promise. Christians believe that the starlight is the powerful power of God, dispelling the darkness of the cold winter night, lighting up a warm and happy new spring for all peoples.

5. Christmas Candles

Legend has it that Saint Mary (Saint Maria) and Joseph found a place to stay on the night of Christmas by following the light of a candle coming from the small door of a stable. The light of the candles is meant to light up hope, peace, love and joy, they always illuminate the way for us to walk through the dark days. During the Christmas celebrations, four candles are lit: The Candle of Hope The Candle of Peace The Candle of Love The Candle of Love The Candle of Love Candle of Joy (Candle of Joy) And the 5th candle represents the Lord’s birthday

6. Cave and manger

Trong truyền thuyết, Chúa sinh ra trong một hang đá nhỏ, nơi máng cỏ của các mục đồng chăn chiên tại thành Bethelem. Ngày nay, vào đêm 24/12 tại các giáo đường đều có hang đá với máng cỏ, bên trong có tượng Chúa Hài đồng, tượng Đức mẹ Maria, chung quanh có những con lừa, tượng Ba Vua và một số thiên thần.

7. Christmas wreaths

The round wreath represents the eternal nature of God’s love. The green color of the leaves speaks of the hope that the Savior will come to save people. 4 candles include three purple ones – the color of Advent, the 4th is pink, the color of the third Sunday of Advent, also known as Gaudete Sunday.

8. The candy cane

The candy cane is a symbol of the love and sacrifice of Jesus. White represents the innocence of Jesus. The three small stripes represent the sufferings that the Lord endured before he died on the cross. Those three stripes also represent the divine trinity of God (the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A bold stripe was added to represent the blood Jesus shed for mankind). If you turn the stick upside down, it will become a J representing the first letter of Jesus’ name.

9. The Poinsettia

Legend has it that there was a boy who had no gift to offer to the Child Jesus, so he brought a manger and a bunch of leaves. Her friends laughed at her, but when she put the branches and leaves at the feet of the Child, the branches turned into beautiful red flowers. The homeland of the poinsettia is Mexico, and the Mexican people consider the poinsettia to be the symbol of the star in Bethlehem, which is why the poinsettia always accompanies the Christmas season.

10. Church bell

After the birth of the baby Jesus, bells were rung to welcome the coming of Christ to earth. The ringing of bells also serves as a symbol of guidance and reminds us that in God’s eyes we are all loved and valued.

11. Christmas stockings

According to legend, Santa Claus returned to earth and followed his chimney into every home, putting sweets in socks that children hung near beds or fireplaces. So during the Christmas holidays, everyone in the family often buys gifts and puts them in socks by the fireplace. When the children wake up, they are very happy with the gift from Santa Claus. Since then, it has been a custom for children to hang stockings by the fireplace to receive their dream gifts from Santa.

12. Christmas cards

Every Christmas, people exchange beautiful cards with dear wishes, but few people know that Christmas cards were born a long time ago, more than 2 centuries ago. The custom of sending Christmas cards originated in the land of fog in 1843. The first type of Christmas card was designed by J.Horsley – a painter in London. A close friend, Sir Henry Cole, asked Horsley to design a beautiful card for him to send to relatives and friends. So at Christmas in 1843, Horsley presented the world’s first Christmas card, a hand-painted three-part painting. On this first Christmas card stands out the greeting: “Merry Christmas and a happy new year!” (Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!).

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