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Here’s a preliminary look into the Drops and Watch Rewards information.

As we approach the start of the 2022 LoL Esports season, which will feature even more leagues on (more on this soon!) we wanted to share some updates!

Exclusive Rewards

We’ll have a new set of exclusive emotes and icons that will be inspired by memes and great moments of the previous seasons. These will be released in waves throughout the 2022 competitive calendar. Additional types of rewards will be released during the year when made available.

As a reminder, some rewards might change depending on the region and local laws and regulations.

Drops and Watch Missions

During 2021 we’ve been reviewing your feedback and made initial changes to the way Drops and Watch missions worked especially during Worlds 2021.

In 2022, we’ll be working to bring more exciting features to Drops. We also will be taking a closer look at how we reward fans that can’t watch us live or that prefer VODs. While we do this, Watch Missions won’t be returning immediately in Spring 2022, however we’ll be expanding Drops to more leagues on

When logged in on with your Riot ID, you will have the opportunity to get a drop when it happens. Mind you: drops are random, can happen at any time of the day, and are connected to certain moments of the tournament. For example:

  • Pentakill: Drop has a higher chance of happening
  • Stolen objective: A drop might happen, but isn’t guaranteed
  • Other moments: A drop might happen, but isn’t guaranteed

Drops for each league will have slightly different starting dates/weeks. Also ways, frequency, and rewards might differ depending on the league and certain rules and regulations in each country or region.

Occasionally, you may not receive drops for a few days and receive more than one in a single day – this is normal!. But if you suspect something is not working, please check the FAQs below!

Follow your favorite league’s social media channels and @LoLEsports on Twitter for updates and information. As a reminder – Drops are available only for Riot regions at this stage.


How do I know if I’m set up for Drops?

Watch from and Login with your Riot ID. On the player page you’ll notice a green checkmark that will let you know if everything is working.

When and where can I get Drops?

Each day during the tournament, logged in viewers on who are watching the live broadcast may have a chance to get a loot drop from Riot or one of our partners. Drops only happen during the live broadcast, not VODs, so make sure you’re logged in and opted-in for Drops and Rewards to participate!

Where do I redeem my Drops?

Each drop card will include information about how to redeem it. In-game items will usually be delivered directly to your account within 24 hours. If you win a merch item, Riot Support will contact you within 30 days to arrange delivery.

How can I check if I’ve received Drops?

Simply log in on with your RiotID and go to the Rewards tab to check on your drops.

Can I get Drops by watching VODs?

Unfortunately, drops are not available on VODs.

Can I receive Drops while watching in full-screen?

Yes! As long as you are watching on and logged into your Riot account, you will receive drops.

Do I need to use a specific browser?

For the best watching experience, we recommend using Firefox, Chrome, or Edge browsers. Also, be sure to disable any ad blocker software you use to ensure you don’t miss any drops. If you’re using Firefox, please remember to disable the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature.

Is there a limitation on which Drops I can get?

Most drops are available globally, but some can be region-blocked if they’re dedicated to a specific country, region or partner. If you have a Riot account, you will be able to receive drops; however, at this time, Tencent and Garena accounts aren’t supported.

I saw other viewers receiving Drops, but I didn’t – what happened?

Some drops have a limited number of rewards, while others are given to everyone watching. The quantities depend on the reward, so cross your fingers that you get lucky!

Why did I receive a different reward from another viewer?

Some drops have multiple rarity tiers. A higher rarity tier usually means a better reward – for example, some viewers may receive one specific in-game item, whereas other lucky viewers may get another in-game item. Pay attention to the rarity of the card and good luck!

Why did a friend in another region get a different drop than me?

Drops look and content might sometimes differ by region due to local agreements, laws, and regulations. While we’re making sure your Riot region isn’t a factor in getting drops, sometimes the content can change.

Something went wrong with my Drop – what should I do?

First, don’t panic! Nothing is lost! Make sure that you’re logged in on with your Riot Account. Ensure that you have a green tick on your live player.

Not all leagues are working with Drops!

We’re rolling out Drops to more leagues over the beginning of the 2022 Season. Follow your favorite league’s social media channels and @LoLEsports on Twitter for updates and information. As a reminder – Drops are available only for Riot regions at this stage.

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