K-pop Legends BIGBANG Make Record-breaking Comeback After 4 Years With ‘Still Life’; Fans Rejoice

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BY: News18

K-pop group BIGBANG made their long-awaited comeback on April 5 at midnight. The group released the music video for their new single – Still Life – featuring the four members: G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and T.O.P.

‘Still Life’ marks the first release of BIGBANG in nearly four years. The slow and melancholic track features organic and warm sounds paired with lyrics that reminisce the good old days. The song captures the flow of time throughout the seasons as the four members of BIGBANG recall the days of their youth. G-Dragon and T.O.P also participated in composing and writing lyrics for the song. The members sang about the “spring summer fall winter” of their lives. In the music video, each member represents a season as they sing the emotional song.

In the past four years, BIGBANG’s former member Seungri aka Lee Seung-Hyun was allegedly involved in an illegal prostitution case. Last year, the Defense Ministry of South Korea said the former member of BIGBANG was taken into custody after the ruling by an army court in Yongin.

The remaining four members of one of the biggest K-pop bands have now made their much-awaited return after completing their mandatory military service, and fans are excited. Sharing their thoughts on the latest music video titled Still Life, one of the fans pointed out how it contains a lot of imagery from some of the highlights of BIGBANG’s glorious career. Sharing a screenshot of the music video where Taeyang is standing in a field of yellow flowers, the fan shared another image where Taeyang was pictured among BIGBANG fans aka BIGBANG VIPs holding up yellow flowers.

Another user shared her thoughts on Twitter and added, “Not to be dramatic but it’s a masterpiece. The colours in the MV are bright but the vibe is kind of sad. It’s sad and beautiful. The structure isn’t the usual k-pop song structure but it works. Not every song needs a chorus and BIGBANG just proved that.”

The ‘Still Life’ video has already garnered over 1.7 million likes on YouTube. It has also topped iTunes Top Songs charts in 33 regions, according to Soompi.com. Within an hour of the song’s release, “#BIGBANG_STILLLIFE” ranked No. 1 on Twitter’s worldwide trends, and the group’s comeback also topped Weibo’s Hot Search List and realtime charts on major music streaming sites in Korea, China, and Japan.

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