Gym workout schedule for beginners

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After 4 weeks of following this gym schedule, you can gain muscle and have relatively good training techniques and you will look different in your shirts. You can continue this program in the next month or you can confidently rearrange your training schedule.

For now, let’s go to the gym schedule for beginners

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Our gym schedule for 4 weeks is as follows

  • Week 1: Full body workout
  • Week 2: Upper/lower body workout
  • Week 3: Practice Push/Pull/Leg
  • Week 4: Small limbs 2 muscle groups 1 day

Nutrition in training

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Eating in training is very important if you are a beginner, you need to pay more attention to this issue because if you have a good diet, you will save a lot of time in training, You can gain muscle, lose weight, gain weight much faster than others if you pay attention to your eating.

And in general, when you exercise, you need to add enough protein, which is an important element to help you build muscle, help gain weight or lose weight more effectively.

But you will need to buy, select and process it yourself to ensure the necessary nutrition. If you find this too complicated
If you are complicated with yourself, you can ask for the support of Whey Protein supplements.

And what’s great if you own a super cool GYM t-shirt during your hard training days at the gym, with super cool 100% cotton fabric that’s friendly to your sensitive skin.

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Gym workout plan for the first week

In the first week, we don’t know anything about weights and machines at all, so dividing each muscle group may not be necessary at this time, so we will divide the schedule into full-body exercises.

This full-body workout helps you get used to the exercises as well as how to use the machines in the gym, helping you quickly get used to the best way to practice in the gym.

With 3 training days/week you will have enough time for rest to recover.

With the most basic exercises, you will do 1 exercise for 1 muscle group. Exercises include both machine training and other Free weight exercises. Please read the training instructions for the exercises carefully to know how to practice properly

In the first week, we will practice each exercise in 3 sets and each set repeats 8-12 times, so each muscle group will have 9 sets of exercises per week, a reasonable intensity for beginners.

Note, in the exercises below there will be many different repetitions and will gradually decrease for example 8, 10, and 12. This is a type of “inverted pyramid”, With this practice, increasing the number of repetitions will go. with increasing and decreasing weights so you can do more reps.

For example, in the first set, you use 10kg weight and repeat 8 times. In the second set you will reduce the weight to 8kg and repeat 10 times and finally the third set with 6kg and repeat 12 times.

  • Day 1: Fullbody
  • Day 2: Rest
  • Day 3: Fullbody
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Fullbody
  • Day 6-7: Vacation

Gym workout schedule for beginners

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