Dolce and Gabbana is an Italian fashion brand founded nearly 40 years ago, a famous and recognized high-end fashion house in many parts of the world – but certainly not in Mainland China. feel sorry for D&G (or forgot about the scandal in 2018 – because sales in China are reported to be fine).

Domenico Dolce was born in Polizzi Generosa on September 13, 1958, he was born and spent his childhood days in a fashion environment where his family owned a small clothing and business store. . At the age of 6, Dolce designed and created his first clothes.

On the other side of Italy – is the city of Milan. Stefano Gabbana (November 14, 1962) grew up and fell in love with art and graphics. But in the end, Gabbana decided to leave the art industry to pursue her passion – fashion. Two young men decided to learn and hone their skills in making clothes until they first met in 1980 at a club. Later, both Dolce and Gabbana worked as design assistants for a fashion house and felt a connection between the two. Dolce & Gabbana was established and had its first runway show in Milan in 1985 – officially marking the beginning of a fashion empire in Italy in particular and the world in general.

1986 – The first collection “Real Women” was created by D&G. Having experience in the clothing business, Dolce promoted the diversification of product sales in 1987 – Dolce and Gabbana had a knitwear line and in 1989 was beachwear (seawater) and Lingerie line (underwear). The production power of the Domenico Dolce family was fully utilized until the 1990s – Dolce and Gabbana’s first menswear collection was announced (And the name D&G is a brand branch that uses streetwear and young people as its target audience. main published in 1994)

1990 is the golden era of fashion houses, where generation and creativity intersect. Where the cultural mixing and aging structure of fashion are going strong and still getting the necessary background of clothing making. Avant-garde, creativity, convenience, novelty, and experimentation of many famous fashion designers also started in this period. So is Dolce and Gabbana – nearly 40 years old, the brand’s fashion store system is also quite large, and now, when the current market is in the transition between styles, between the fashion loop. many people tend to find retro/vintage items of famous brands of that period to use. That is why Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2023 brings the old spirit back to its new collection.

Instead of innovating a bit, Dolce&Gabbana recreated the original works, the original outfits to ensure “Original, integrity and authenticity in terms of design and intellect” to demonstrate the “Timeless” in The brand’s fashion remains relevant to this day. Each garment will have an ID, identifying the year in which it first appeared, and the words Spring/Summer 2023. A Dolce & Gabbana cross-generational crossover between old-fashioned wear and Generation Z’s passion for prices. Ancient rulers wanted to inherit the trends of the times.

Dolce and Gabbana’s most iconic designs (Slimfit pantsuits, blazers, shirts..) are still applicable during this period, and can still be worn by young people appropriately. The material part is free, but it seems that Dolce & Gabbana is a bit abusive about deconstructed and patchwork so many are a bit “Over” compared to both looks or even everyday use.

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