12 Memes That Prove How Ready Teachers Are for Thanksgiving Break

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The final push to Thanksgiving break can feel never-ending. We know you’re ready for a much-deserved break, especially this year. Thoughts of rest, relaxation, time spent with family and friends, and of course, stuffing and mashed potatoes are looming. Teachers and students alike are waiting for much-needed time away from the classroom. To get you through that final stretch, we’ve rounded up these funny Thanksgiving memes for teachers that’ll make you feel like your thoughts have been heard.

When does break start?

Teacher Thanksgiving Break meme

I’m running on caffeine more than ever.

My mind is clearly somewhere else.

Pretending to Grade but Dreaming of Stuffing

I’d much rather be eating my Thanksgiving meal.

So, what’s the plan?

Teachers planning how to make it to Thanksgiving break

Who votes: put on a movie?

All I can think about is potatoes and gravy.

me thinking about Thanksgiving

I’ll be canoeing through the feast soon enough.

I’m beyond ready.

Teachers ready for Thanksgiving break like

My hair is a mess, and planning is non-existent.

I mean, is this a real picture of me?

2 weeks until Thanksgiving break Mona Lisa

The dark circles are all too accurate.

My patience is beginning to run thin.

Patiently waiting for Thanksgiving- Thanksgiving teacher meme

I think I’ve been waiting an entire month for this.

My stretchy pants are ready for me.

Come at me bro Thanksgiving

I’m ready for you, Thanksgiving.

I’ll be here if you need me, still waiting.

Waiting on Thanksgiving break skeleton - Thanksgiving teacher meme

Please come sooner.

I won’t be able to contain my excitement.

Teachers finally making it to Thanksgiving break - Thanksgiving teacher memes

This is how I will look walking out of my classroom.

I’m asking very nicely, too.

Teacher standing in from of calendar asking for Thanksgiving break

Do you think it’ll work?

Catch me running out of school heading into break.

Leaving work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving

I won’t be able to get out of there fast enough.

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